Create a brand worth talking about with photos that show what it feels like to work with you.


How does it work

Together, we’ll dig down to the real you and then use it to find and define your “brand”. From there we’ll craft your look-and-feel and capture it visually in images that reflect what you’re really about.

The general process will include:

  • A questionnaire and visual branding strategy session – to work out who you are, who your clients are and what kind of brand statement you want to make.

  • A shoot plan – we’ll discuss how to use your photo shoot to capture your personal style and share your message.

  • Creating a look-and-feel – I’ll pull together the “look” you’re going for with a mood-board of your wardrobe, make-up, location and props.

  • A Personal Branding Guide – to tell you everything you need to know before your shoot.




Firstly, I’m an award­ winning photographer with many years of experience. More than that, I’m a businessperson who understands the importance of weaving an authentic personality into a brand.

Here’s how I’ll do this for you:

  • I won’t make you pose – I don’t ask unnecessary questions and I won’t over-direct you in an unnatural way. This approach will help you feel comfortable and confident, which always shows in the end.

  • I’ll get the real you – many clients have said that I manage to capture their most authentic moments, feelings and interactions without them even noticing I’m there. I have the ability to capture your quiet, still inner soul and beauty with a natural, unposed grace.

  • I’ll light you up – one of my specialities is working with natural light, which gives photos a fresh, natural and contemporary feel.

My goal is to capture your energy and inner beauty by allowing you to be your full self.