Let me tell you some of mine .....



It all started BACK IN SOUTH AFRICA ...

where I grew up surrounded by creativity, experimentation and making new things.

My mother was always making something pretty out of paper or cloth, my father was a keen photographer who developed his own prints and my grandfather was a wedding videographer.

So it’s no surprise I spent my childhood playing with an instamatic camera and telling stories through pictures. It’s also no surprise that, on leaving South Africa at age 19, I moved to London, then Toulouse in the South of France and then to Paris for two beautiful years where I studied photography and developed my own film. From there I went to Vienna on holiday, promptly fell in love with the city, and stayed for 12 years.

As you can see, my life has been a series of experiments, explorations and intuitive next steps. I love the process of starting something new. Even more, I love new beginnings and watching new creations unfold.

I’ve moved countries four times, learnt three and a half new languages, set up various businesses and reinvented myself time and time again.

In 2010 I quit my part-time job and decided to become a destination wedding photographer. It was a bold move – for the first five months I had my own business, but no actual work. It was tough, but I stayed strong by attending workshops, building my portfolio and trying to get my name out there. And then, suddenly, it boomed! By the end of that year I had clinched some high calibre clients and photographed weddings in the Seychelles, Armenia and New York. Then, for the next six years, my business took me to diverse destinations including Australia, Bali, Sri Lanka, Chile, the USA, Morocco and all over Europe. I’ve photographed more than 185 weddings in 23 countries. More importantly, I’ve managed to build a career traveling the world and doing what I love.