Inspiring. Authentic. Soulful.



Hi, I’m Claire!

a photographer, businesswoman, adventurer and inspirational brand-builder.

I love working with creative entrepreneurs and people who have found their path and purpose in life.

I’ve also reinvented myself time and time again and built various businesses around doing what I love. Photography has always been my big love and the core of what I do, but I have also dabbled in graphic design, web design, videography and coaching.

During the pandemic I fully focused on building a stock photo membership and it has now become one of my main businesses. I love running it and am blessed to have a team to support me. I create all the content for it and love being able to help so many women with their visual branding.

I hope you enjoy reading my timeline and I look forward to welcoming you into my community or working with you on a custom brand shoot!


Born in Cape Town, South Africa

1999 - Move to London

In 1999 I moved to London. For my 21st birthday I travelled to Paris for the first time and photographed a rainy Paris with my compact camera in panoramic format in black and white. Friends commented on what a great eye I had and suggested that I should pursue photography further.

2001 - Move to Paris

In 2001 I moved to Paris where I studied French intensively and became fluent within 6 months. I enrolled myself in a photography school where I learned how to develop my own film and photographs in a darkroom and loved spending hours developing film. I immersed myself in Paris and its architecture and museums and learned about many of the great self-portrait photographers such as Francesca Woodman and Cindy Sherman with whom I resonated. I spent many hours in the Louvre exploring the sculptures and reading photography books at the George Pompidou Centre. My father gave me an old Bronica ETRS film camera with 2 lenses and I photographed day and night with it, developing the film and prints.

2003 - Move to Vienna

In 2003 I moved to Vienna where I lived for 12 years. It is here that I became incredibly inspired for a period of time and created some of my most important bodies of work. I got my first digital camera in 2005 and taught myself photoshop and spent countless hours experimenting. 

2005 - Photographer of the Year

In 2005 Practical Photography magazine named me Photographer of the Year and I was published numerous times in different magazines.


First publications

I signed up with several agencies and began submitting my work. Within the first month I sold my first CD cover which was followed by numerous book covers. To date I have sold over 73 book covers.

2007 - Exhibition in London

In 2007 I took part in a group exhibition with 8 other photographers at Lauderdale House, London.

Exhibition in Vienna

I then hosted a promotional event and exhibition at a gallery space in 1070 Vienna.

2010 - Started a career in Wedding Photography

In 2007 I was assisting a wedding photographer and soon became a lead photographer. It was then that I decided to start my own business which I launched in 2010. I quickly became a sought after destination wedding photographer and photographed weddings all over the world such as the Seychelles, Bali, Sri Lanka, Italy, Greece, Morocco, Sardinia, Chile, Prague & India. Some of my clients included royalty, a Prince, a former Miss Lithuania, the Porsche family and other prominent names.

Magazine Publications

Throughout my 8 year career as a wedding photographer I was published in many leading wedding magazines.

2016 - Move to Mallorca, Spain

As often happens, I needed a change and a place to grow and take some time out after a busy career as a wedding photographer, so I made the decision to give up everything and move my entire life and belongings to Mallorca, Spain. A year later I bought a house in a small village surrounded by nature and silence. 

Opened my Personal Branding Business

I needed to break away from the wedding industry and so began the idea of working with professional women offering personal branding photography. One of my first assignments took me to the Bahamas that year.

2017 - Juror at the Austrian Wedding awards

In 2017 I was asked to be a judge and presenter at the Austrian wedding Awards. This was a wonderful ending to my wedding photography career!

2018 - Move to California

After meeting my now husband while at an event in Los Angeles, we had a long distance relationship for about 8 months and met in places like New York, Paris, Ecuador and Morocco and explored the world together.

By the end of 2018 I moved to Los Angeles and he proposed a few months later. We got marred in Hawaii and live by the beach.


2019 - Started working for Divine Living by Gina Devee

I was invited to join the Divine Living Team as their head photographer, photographing all of Gina's upcoming live events and being her very own brand photographer. We travelled to DC, Venice, India and Miami together and I had the opportunity to photograph and meet so many wonderful women in her community.


2020 - Launched the Inspired Stock Shop

With the online business booming and more and more entrepreneurs needing imagery more than ever, I created and launched the Inspired Stock Shop, a stock photo shop and membership specifically for the spiritual industry.