Photography for coaches & creatives

My photography is natural, vibrant, and full of light and life. I intuitively know how to capture the real you with my calm, quiet nature.

I believe in creating a brand with photographs that show what it feels like to work with you.

By selling authenticity and inspiring trust I help your clients see the real person behind your brand

My goal is to capture your energy and inner beauty by allowing you to be your full self.


Claire was open and able to understand my vision of the shoot and the brand. She was very supportive in finding the right places and very kind and flexible in the whole shooting process. She can tune in to your needs and create an outcome that matches your expectations perfectly!

Sharon Kirstin


Now my branding is vibrant and lively. The high quality (not only technical, but more so emotional) of Claire's work can be felt by everybody getting in contact with me.

The great impact Claire's work will have on my business is inevitable. I just love her professional attitude, her calm mind, friendliness and impactful long-lasting work!

Corinna Maria Pfitzer


My imagery is amazing! It is very strong, elegant and professional. 

It has enabled me to compete in a highly established and competitive market with leading magazine quality visuals.

Claire is a very calm, creative and talented photographer and visionary. Her work is of outstanding quality and she works with efficiency and professionalism.

Zari Gemi Ferns


Personal Branding with Charlotte in Paris

Charlotte is a sales mentor specializing in helping spiritual/intuitive coaches find their intuitive gifts and market it. She is a force to be reckoned with and very focused. I photographed Charlotte in Paris where she was hosting a VIP day with a client. I honed into her style and message she wanted to get across.…

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Divine Living Academy in Mallorca

I had an amazing time photographing the Divine Living Academy event in Mallorca in June at the St Regis Mardavall Resort. It was amazing to be surrounded by so many inspirational women from all corners of the world and take in all what Gina has to teach and share. Some of my take-aways from the…

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Personal Branding with Sharon in Mallorca, Spain

Sharon Kirstin is a success coach, author and spiritual mentor based in Germany and booked me for her personal branding shoot while attending the Divine Living Academy in Mallorca last month. Sharon helps people create the life they’ve always wanted, creating rapid breakthroughs through her psychic gifts to see your blocks (even if you can’t)…

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Personal Branding for ZariLove in the Bahamas

Zari is a healer, therapist and teacher working with groups and individuals in intense energy healing and creative self-discovery processes. Her work is an invitation into self-love, sensual liberation and personal freedom, which we wanted to portray in this shoot from our 3 day stay on Harbour Island. Here one of the sessions from one…

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