I love working with creative entrepreneurs and people who have found their chosen path and turned it into a business.

You see, I’ve been where you are and I’ve reinvented myself time and time again. I’ve also built various businesses around doing what I love. 

I like to call it “visioning” – the process of discovering who you are and then building a brand around it. 

By using “emotional storytelling” I’ll tap into what you want to achieve and capture authentic images for your website, newsletters, blog posts or wherever you decide to spread your message next. 

Personal branding is all about creating an identity for yourself – a feeling of who you are in the mind of your client. In other words, it’s about expressing your unique personality and style in everything you do.

And it all starts with your pictures…

When you show the world what you are made of you eliminate competition entirely because there is no one out there quite like you and your clients will start connecting with you and your brand on a heart-to-heart level.

I coach you into discovering and revealing who you are becoming and what your personal branding looks like. With over a decade of experience as a photographer I curate a personal brand photography experience that includes hair and makeup, style consultation, custom locations and a collection of beautifully re-touched photos.

Make a first impression that’s true to who you are with photographs that embody your personality and vision.