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Personal branding for Rosey in Glendale, CA

Rosey is a classy, authentic and wity beauty business coach with a tough-love approach to reassure her beauty pros that she will be with them every step of the way, stretching them to reach their goals. Specializing in the Salon Suites and Studios model, such as the Social Salon Suites in Glendale, she is eager…

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Personal Branding for Allyson in Venice

Allyson is a prosperity coach, bestselling author and sought-after speaker. She loves to teach entrepreneurs to create specific, tangible results by harnessing the power of their minds. We met in Venice for an all day personal branding shoot and I loved working with her radiant, sparkling energy. “I just got my pictures back from my…

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Top 5 Wardrobe Tips for your Personal Branding Shoot

There’s nothing more exciting than scheduling a personal branding photoshoot for your business! Visual communication is key in your business nowadays and having good quality images will help you to create connection and establish trust with your customers (especially those who may not have the chance to meet you in real life thanks to the…

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How to use your Personal Branding Images (Examples from my Clients)

Personal brand photography is the quickest and most effective way to authentically show your brand story and portray your own unique personality to your audience. It’s what your clients fall in love with and what makes them become loyal customers, clients and fans! What shots do you need? A typical shot list for your personal…

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Why a Strong Personal Brand is Important (and How to Achieve One)

No matter what your line of business, a strong brand is important. It’s something that every small business owner needs to invest thought, time and money into but also something that a lot of business owners overlook as trivial or unnecessary. Why having a strong brand is important Branding is a term that all small…

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The Art of Meditation (Inspired Reading)

I like to think of meditation as weightlifting for your brain. While there is a science to it, the goal or purpose of meditation is to be within the here and now. Meditation not only helps you focus, but it can also decrease anxiety and decrease your need for sleep. That is because meditation is…

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Checklist for Your Personal Branding Shoot (Top Tips)

Did you know that intentional, professional photos that tell your authentic story can take your online business to a whole new level?  It’s an experience thats enjoyable and results in confidence-building Personal Brand images. That is why I love what I do and witnessing my clients transformation after they have worked with me is pure…

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What is your Brand Archetype? (The 12 Brand Archetypes)

Did you know there are 12 classic archetypes?  Each cover the spectrum from conveying comfort to creating excitement. By understanding the role of each archetype you can create a deep connection with your target market, allowing people to recognize you and what you stand for. When people understand your brand, they begin to LIKE &…

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Personal Branding for Lisa Johnson

I loved working with Lisa Johnson last summer in Mallorca on her new personal branding photos. Fierce, straight talking and ambition was the messaging we wanted to get across in her images. I think we nailed it! Head on over to to see how she used the images!

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