The Art of Meditation

I like to think of meditation as weightlifting for your brain. While there is a science to it, the goal or purpose of meditation is to be within the here and now.

Meditation not only helps you focus, but it can also decrease anxiety and decrease your need for sleep. That is because meditation is a way of resting, and just 20 minutes a day, four times a week can make a big difference.


The gateway into the present moment.

Meditation puts us back in out place of the now, bringing mindful attention to the breath and bodily sensations. Practice means leading a calmer life, achieving clarity of mind and coming into touch with the spiritual core of your being.


My last personal branding shoot for Sharon Kirstin was used for her latest meditation which you can find on the Insight Timer App. She had 700 views and 70 reviews within 15 hours being online!

I love seeing my clients results and how they succeed and how working together brings out the core of their being and soul! Perfect alignment.