How to Create a Beautiful Brand (Top Tips)

Creating a memorable and beautiful brand should be up there in importance with profit and sales. Engaging with customers is essential for creating a memorable experience and in turn, creating a visually recognizable brand is equally important.

So with that concept at the forefront, here are some of my top tips to create a beautiful and memorable brand.

Be passionate about what you do. 

Passion is a state of mind. When you are passionate about what you do then you not only love doing it, but you become more attentive and focused. It enables creativity and innovation.

Create a logo that reflects your brand essence.

This is a graphic element that visually depicts your brand and should be used in all your communications. It should not happen overnight. Do your work and create a mood board of logos that you like and colors and graphics that appeal to you. Think about it, do revisions, get feedback until you hit on something that looks and feels right.

Use color intentionally.

Color plays a big part in branding and can influence the tone of your brand and generate certain emotions and sentiments. Study color theory and which colors can have specific effects.

Identify your seasonal personality

In colour psychology there are four main seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Each has their own distinct characteristics and personalities. Once you understand which one best represents you and your brand, you can choose the brand elements (fonts, textures, colors so on) that will best represent your business.

I figured out I am a summer personality!

Connection and emotion. 

Give your brand and business a distinct and authentic ‘personality’ so it sits apart from the rest. Create connections from your brand to your client, so that when they see you or hear your name they will feel a certain way about you emotionally.


Photography is more important than ever before to help tell your story and connect with your audience. Photography is the first impression that your potential customers get of your brand and has the ability to add perceived value.

Consistent beautiful photography creates brand trust and recognition!