What is your Brand Archetype?

Did you know there are 12 classic archetypes?  Each cover the spectrum from conveying comfort to creating excitement. By understanding the role of each archetype you can create a deep connection with your target market, allowing people to recognize you and what you stand for.

When people understand your brand, they begin to LIKE & TRUST you!

Here are the 12 brand archetypes:


The Creator Archetype

Inventive, unique, vibrant, artistic & Inspirational.

You inspire creativity in everyone around you. You help your clients realize their unique vision, create and express their individuality, and foster their imagination. You see potential everywhere and have the desire to create something new and exceptional.

You strive to bring your vision to life through your individual talent and inspire your clients to express their nature to the best of their ability. You have the ability to leverage your audiences’ imagination and desire to create and innovate.

A Creator brand craves perfection!


The Girl next door Archetype

Friendly, loyal, supportive, faithful & down to earth.

You remind your clients to do the hard work and stay humble. You don’t like to stand out, but instead be seen as friendly and easy to talk to.

You love to build a community that is accepting and honest, and you love connecting with others.

A Girl Next Door brand gives a sense of belonging.


The Caregiver Archetype

Empathetic, generous, compassionate, selfless & committed.

You serve your people by putting your focus on their needs and helping them care for themselves. You want to be there for them and build trust.

You are warm, caring and reassuring, making your clients feel secure, protected and cared for. With your warm, thoughtful and generous approach you offer a feeling of safety that will appeal to your clients needs.

A Caregiver brand is nurturing.


The Explorer Archetype

Adventurous, ambitious, individualistic, restless & independent.

You want to investigate the world and help your clients find more freedom and fulfillment through discovery and new experiences. You are brave and love a challenge, pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone of everyday life.

You don’t enjoy modern society, and rather enjoy promoting the outdoors, challenging your clients to explore them. 

Freedom is your top priority!


The Innocent Archetype

Optimistic, humble, happy, honest & loyal.

You show your clients that being a positive and good person brings out the best in others. You are seen as trustworthy, reliable and honest with strong values. You have an optimistic outlook on life.

You make your clients feel safe and have the ability to connect with them and see their inner beauty.

An Innocent Brand craves safety and ultimately, happiness!


The Magician Brand Archetype

Visionary, charismatic, spiritual, imaginative & idealistic.

You help your clients transform their lives by taking them on a journey of transformation through the experience of a magical moment. You bring their wildest dreams to life.

You help people transform their world, inspire change and expand their consciousness. You use your knowledge to show your vision and believe that we are limited only by imagination.

The Magician Brand makes dreams come true!


The Royalty Brand Archetype

Sophisticated, ambitious, influential, refined & articulate

Your goal is for prosperity and success and making your clients feel that they are at the top of ladder of success.

You build a prosperous and successful community, with you lead by example. You captivate your audience who aspire to be part of your inner circle, making them feel like they are part of an exclusive V.I.P club. 

The Royalty brand is all about luxury and exclusivity.


The Sage Brand Archetype

Knowledgeable, intelligent, analytical, mentor & guidance.

You help people to better understand the world by providing practical information and sharing your understanding.

Wisdom is your key to success. You command respect by illustrating brilliance and expect factual and well-researched information. You would love to see people use your wisdom to change the world!

The Sage brand is always seeking the truth.


The Hero Archetype

Courageous, bold, honest, candid, confident & inspirational.

You want to show your clients the rewards that come from hard work and discipline. Your clients look up to you as they watch you overcome challenges like a champion.

You meet challenges head-on and rise to your ambitions, inspired by the possibility to achieve and the gratification that comes with it.

The Hero Brand makes a positive mark in the world.


The Lover Archetype

Passionate, devoted, romantic, committed & sensual.

You inspire love and create intimacy, building relationships with a sense of belonging. You help your clients feel appreciated, to cherish pleasure and appreciate the beauty in life.

You are motivated to become more physically and emotional appealing to attract your ideal audience, often times through sight, sound, smell or touch!

The Lover Brand is associated with the intimate moments in life.


The Outlaw Brand Archetype

Bold, revolutionary, unapologetic, rebellious, wild.

You help your clients to vent or break with conventions, paving the way for change. You do things your way, and if it doesn’t work it’s overturned. You are not afraid.

Your clients see the world as you do and will resonate with you. You are likely to build a cult following, many making you an instant family member. Those with you find freedom.

The Outlaw brand seeks revolution.


The Jester Brand Archetype

Fun, mischievous, optimistic, light-hearted & positive.

You love to live in the moment and make your clients smile and have fun. You help them to enjoy what they do by showing them how to be more impulsive and spontaneous. 

You want to be a ray of sunshine in everyone’s life and see the good in every situation. You highlight the light-hearted and positive side of life with a playful and entertaining spirit. Your goal is to bring joy to the world!

The Jester brand lives in the moment.

Now it’s over to you!

Which archetype fits most closely with you and your brand? Which one taps into your clients deep needs, desires and emotions?

Interestingly enough smaller businesses don’t use brand archetypes as it is a fairly new concept, however there is no better way to differentiate your brand and truly connect with your audience. Drilling down into what makes your brand special and how your clients best connect to you is the most important thing you can do!