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What is your Brand Archetype? (The 12 Brand Archetypes)

Did you know there are 12 classic archetypes?  Each cover the spectrum from conveying comfort to creating excitement. By understanding the role of each archetype you can create a deep connection with your target market, allowing people to recognize you and what you stand for. When people understand your brand, they begin to LIKE &…

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Storytelling for your business through photography

Branding photography is the most obvious and visual expression of a brand, with the focus on promoting the people, products and lifestyle concepts that make your business stand out. Using photography to tell your brand story is powerful because it captures a moment in time. It tells a story. It makes us feel something in an instant.…

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How to plan a lifestyle shoot (tips & inspiration)

“Lifestyle” is one of those terms that means something different to everyone. To some it means showing lots of environment; others showing people in action; and for others a matter of styling and “attitude” in photography – a casual approach to positioning your product in locations that look like real scenes. Here an example of…

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